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The Benefits of Home Healthcare

The purpose of health care is providing the best care for elderly people on both physical and emotional levels. Treating patients with love and compassion is the most remarkable thing in the world, because they can get medical treatment in any institution or hospital, but kindness and patience cannot be found everywhere. Home health care is getting treatment and care in your own home.

Which are the benefits of home health care?

There are many people who feel much more comfortable in their homes than in a hospital, so the most important benefit of getting home health care, is enjoying personalized services in their own houses. It has been proved that patients recovering from any kind of illness or injury, heal faster when they are recovering at home, than those who are hospitalized.

Another good thing about home health care, is the fact that patients can maintain their independence and freedom. Staying home, they are still capable of doing their daily routines, which helps them stay optimistic about their capacities and strength. An elderly patient does not do anything in a hospital, which could make them feel rather useless and unhappy.

Even though it is quite unbelievable, an elder patient is completely safe at home, even safer than in a hospital. Being the only ill in the house, the problem of being infected with viruses is eliminated. This might be another reason of the quick recovery.

Lastly, an important aspect for patients and their families, is the fact that home health care is affordable for everyone, as the costs are not high.

In conclusion, we can affirm that home health care only brings benefits in a patient’s life: it gives freedom and independence, the ability of keeping the everyday habits and the possibility of staying in their comfort zone.

Specialized home health care services are offered in many cities in California, like Clovis and Fresno, CA.

Senior Care in Clovis and Fresno, CA

Improving The Elders’ Quality of Life

There are many people who grow old and realize there is no one beside them. Reaching a certain age, requires help in everyday life. Knowing that there is someone to help you in any situation is comforting and hope-giving. Living a decent and nice life in an institution, where well-prepared and kind people take care of you and your well-being, could be the best choice for an aged person who has been left alone or who has limited family support.

What is senior care?

Senior care is a program for elderly people, including services like, assisted living, adult day care, long term care or home care. The purpose of this program is improving the elders’ quality of life, through kindness, attention and health care. It is a very good solution for aged people who live alone or do not have any relatives. Instead of staying home alone all the time, barely handling everyday tasks, it would be much better for them to live in an institution, always surrounded by people, socializing, and living an easy and comfortable life. Besides, they get personal medical care in these institutions, as there are many attendants and doctors monitoring their health condition.

In case an older person does not want to move in an institution or hospice, they can also choose home care, meaning that a well-instructed doctor or attendant would visit them and take care of them in their own houses. Home care services include: bathing and dressing up, help in moving around or taking medication.

When people decide to move in an institution in order to make their lives more comfortable, or when a person is determined to find the best medical institution for his elder relative, in order to get specialized help, they need to make sure that they choose the one the meets their needs and expectations. It is a very important step and their loved one’s health and happiness depends on this choice, so people want the best services they can get.

They can get excellent senior care and home care services in California, in cities like Clovis and Fresno, CA.

Home Health Care in Clovis and Fresno, CA

14 Benefits of home health care as a senior care

At home health care, a senior citizen feels the most comfortable. Home health care is a medical care provided by medical professionals, like- an experienced nurse, physical therapist or home health aide and is often prescribed as part of a care plan following a doctor’s visit or hospitalization. The primary function of a home health care is ensuring that ill, elderly and handicapped patients receive high quality and compassionate care without making a move to any institutional cares. At A Plus in Home Care, our aim is to educate patients and their loved ones on their conditions as well as to keep them up-to-date on their care and progress. For over twenty years, we have offered exceptional home care services to critical patients throughout California, Clovis and Fresno.

From companionship to ensuring there is someone around to look after a loved one’s well-being when that person is not present there at that moment, home health care for elders has 14 benefits, as given below:

  1. They provide freedom
  2. They minimize re-hospitalizations
  3. Prescription management
  4. They are much more affordable than keeping a patient in the hospital as there are no room and board costs
  5. They are delivered in the comfort of the patient’s home
  6.  They are much easier for both family and friends to visit, thus reducing their stress
  7. They can serve veterans of all ages
  8. Administration of medications, including- injections
  9. They can promote healing and provide more safety from infections
  10. They can monitor health statuses of patients
  11. Here, a person gets one-on-one attention, unlike in a hospital
  12. They ensure a peace of mind
  13. Provide full support and participation, i.e., companionship
  14. Provides wound care for pressure sores or a surgical wound


Even though home health care is a better alternative than hospital care, it may not remain so later. As physical needs change over time, so home health care that now works well may later become impractical. But, if you spend most of the time online and want to earn money from your own home, then this would be the most viable option.

Homecare in Fresno, CA

Professional homecare vs. nursing home care

During old age, most prefer staying at home as long as possible instead of moving into a long-term care facility. The decision to stay at home versus the move to a nursing home is a personal choice and each of needs to be considered individually, since what suits one person may not suit another. Placing a loved one into a nursing home can be overwhelming but on the other hand, the financial and emotional costs should be weighed carefully when comparing nursing home with professional-home care costs. At A Plus in Home Care, we are dedicated to provide all loved ones the assistance they need to remain in their comfortable home at an affordable cost. Click here http://a-plusinhomecare.com/for a helpful resource guide.

Differences between professional homecare and nursing home care

One of the best gifts we can give an elderly person is an invitation to live with us during his or her last years on earth. But, not all of us have the time as well as resources to adequately provide for an elderly relative’s needs and it is here where selection between nursing home and in-home care comes into question. It is really a tough decision and a common dilemma that is faced by most families.  The differences between them are:

  • Cost-effectiveness and well-being- Nursing home care is more affordable than professional home care, thus, providing a large cost to benefit ratio for the senior citizen’s well-being.
  • Safety – Nursing home care is the best option to ensure an elderly person’s safety. but has health problems, then nursing home care is the best solution.
  • Physical consequences- If any senior citizen is suffering from insanity, then nursing home care are the best solution. In case of professional home care, there is improper medication management and poor reaction to emergencies.
  • Personal activities- Depending on your requirements, you will get help with your personal activities only at home.

So, we can say that finding a balance where we can live happily with our loved ones is actually what the nursing home versus home care dilemma is all about.

Best Assisted Living Communities Fresno, CA

Helping aging persons overcome their challenges in the well-assisted communities in Clovis and Fresno, California


Nobody said it was easy being an elder person and one should never be afraid of the problems he/she could be facing when it comes to this period of life. There are various medical supplies for seniors and products that could help an elder solve a little part of the challenges that come with the age. Whether someone needs a little help or even a lot, there are always practical and, at the same time, affordable solutions relied to elder care.

When it comes to taking care of an aging person, even if it’s about someone’s mother, wife or even close friend, it is always about the crisis that hits in a sudden manner. When someone is faced with a lot of responsibilities regarding elder care, there are many challenges on all levels.

Companion care means time, time that we don’t have. We are always in a rush to get to our jobs, to our families, but if a dear person in our life needs help, we may be the only person to step in and become the home care aide who must take immediate and important decisions.

But nobody said this is the only solution. There are also a great variety of home care services, their mission being to provide the best elder care for our loved ones. They take care of those who need companion care and assistance with activities that seem so simple for us, from daily living to medication management. There are many aspects that should be kept in mind, including the communities for those who suffer from Alzheimer or even Dementia and who are in need of a specially designed living space and a supporting environment in order to overcome their cognitive challenges.

Companion care, especially in-home care can help elder persons manage daily activities, private services that are provided in a convenient and cost-efficient way on a short-term or a long-term basis.

Home Health Aide: Fresno, Madera, Selma, Clovis, CA

Home Health Aide and Assistance for elderly persons in Clovis and Fresno, California area


It comes a time in everybody’s life when help is needed in daily activities, things that seemed so simple in the past when everyone was young and careless, but tend to become difficult challenges in the elder age.

Elderly people have limited abilities and are more exposed to diseases and sickness than younger persons.  Home health aide allows senior citizens (or their relatives, close friends) to pay for the services of a person or a team of specialized agents (often of their option). There are several options for each of them, but most people prefer home health assistance that include a great variety of services  provided in the home, rather than in a facility or even in a hospital. The main benefit of the home health aide is that it can allow a person suffering from Alzheimer’s or other diseases to stay in his/her home, so she/he can be helped if in need.

Home health assistance implies a various spectrum of services, from companion services that include help with recreational activities to personal care services that implies help with daily activities such as: bathing, eating, dressing, and exercising. Home health aide means also skilled care provided by a professional team. This way, the aging person benefits from therapy, injections, wound care and much more regarding medical help.

Costs for home care assistance are often affordable, but they can vary on many aspects. It can depend on the location where the services are provided, but it can also depend on the insurance coverage, if it’s private or not and other important aspects one should always keep in mind.

When it comes to illness, this can take tremendous work that can make a person realize what the great importance and need of this type of services. Many families are not aware of the great variety of options available to them when it comes to choosing the best services for the elderly person in their life, but they must feel free to ask all their questions in order to find the perfect place.